Uses of Class

Packages that use FileNode

Uses of FileNode in CodeAnalysis

Constructors in CodeAnalysis with parameters of type FileNode
FileProcessor(FileNode file, CommentSet cset)
          Creates a new instance of FileProcessor
FolderProcessor(FileNode newfile)
          Creates a new instance of FolderProcessor

Uses of FileNode in CodeSetTreeModel

Fields in CodeSetTreeModel declared as FileNode
protected  FileNode CodeSetTreeModel.root

Methods in CodeSetTreeModel that return FileNode
 FileNode FileNode.getChild(int index)
 FileNode FileNode.getParentNode()

Methods in CodeSetTreeModel with parameters of type FileNode
 boolean CodeSetTreeModel.executeForNode(FileNode node)
 boolean CodeSetTreeTraversal.executeForNode(FileNode node)
 int FileNode.getChildIndex(FileNode child)
 boolean CodeSetTreeModel.nodeExclude(FileNode node)
 boolean CodeSetTreeModel.nodeInclude(FileNode node)

Constructors in CodeSetTreeModel with parameters of type FileNode
CodeSetTreeModel(FileNode root)
FileNode(FileNode newparent, java.lang.String path, boolean level1, ExtensionSet exts, javax.swing.JProgressBar bar)

Uses of FileNode in MainFrame

Methods in MainFrame with parameters of type FileNode
 boolean MainFrame.executeForNode(FileNode node)

Uses of FileNode in ResultsDisplay

Constructors in ResultsDisplay with parameters of type FileNode
AnalyzerResults(FileNode file, int typeIndex)
          Creates new form AnalyzerResults